Katara – the Cultural Village is featuring unique works of local and international artists in three different exhibitions, which opened last Sunday at its premises.

Deputy general manager Ahmed al-Sayed, along with diplomats, art enthusiasts and other dignitaries, toured each of the three exhibitions, which “represents a unique type of art with different trends.”

Dubbed as ‘The Colour Bar’, the first exhibition at Building 19 showcased paintings and art installations of popular anime cartoon characters by six Qatari artists.

Abdulaziz Yousef, Kholoud al-Ali, Aisha al-Khulaify, Mohamed al-Sharif, Fatima al-Nisf and Hamad al-Mataowa, who come from different backgrounds and trends, joined hands to showcase their artistic skills and put up what is described as an impressive show.

According to Katara, a key element of this one-of-its-kind exhibition is it introduces different anime and popular cartoon characters in a unique way.

“The Colour Bar is also a visual interpretation to the artists’ perspective on how they see their daily life,” Katara added. “The artists huddle to unify their artistic flair to build up a conclusive coherent exhibition that bridges past with present and future.”

The second exhibition at Building 18, titled ‘Sajaya’, showcases 24 arabic calligraphy works of Turkish calligrapher Zaki al-Hashemi, highlighting the arab and Islamic heritage.

Sajaya, which means ‘simplicity’, reflects each of the items at the exhibition since most of the paintings are simple calligraphy art but with “a high cultural value.”

Al-Hashemi said his works are “meaningful pictures that describe words without sound and build up sense where pencils illustrate basic human nature”.

The artist participated in several art fora in various countries such as the International Arts Fora in Algeria, Morocco and Malaysia. He also took part in the International Calligraphy Festival in Jordan.

Meanwhile, a mural portraying the unjust blockade on Qatar highlighted the “The Chant of Stability” exhibition by Qatari artist Maryam al-Mulla at Building 22.

The stunning artwork also reflects how Qatar, along with its leadership and people, withstood the effects of the blockade and maintained stability.

Besides the mural, al-Mulla also displayed 30 other different paintings, which underscore Qatari heritage and culture with different aspects and images.

In a statement, al-Sayed said each of the three exhibitions represents a unique type of art with different trends.

“These kind of exhibitions contribute effectively to enriching the art culture in Qatar by supporting local artists or inviting international artists to present their latest art works here,” he added.

Al-Sayed also encouraged people to visit Katara and enjoy a variety of cultural and artistic activities in the Village.

He stressed that Katara is committed to connecting countries and cultures by creating a common platform through art.

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