MSMEs urged to go online for wider reach, more growth
July 27 2018 08:13 PM
Sign In Qatar CEO M P Shanavaz
Sign In Qatar CEO M P Shanavaz

Micro and small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurs in Qatar should maximise the use of the Internet to upscale and globalise their businesses in order to penetrate a much wider market, according to an industry expert.

By 2025, at least 43% of global businesses and startups are expected to be online; in Qatar, the Qatar National Vision 2030 has given “tremendous importance” to online business modules, according to Sign In Qatar CEO M P Shanavaz.
Citing government initiatives like the ‘Digital Transformation of SMEs’ programme of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), which was designed to help SMEs transform faster towards technology adoption, Shanavaz said this “would be the key for their future success by increasing productivity and innovation.” 
“Online business is an unavoidable reality of today’s business world…it is a very important decision that is taken by going over various processes of online business solutions, and it is developed especially tailored to each and every business’ needs. Every entrepreneur today has to make their presence felt online one way or other,” Shanavaz told Gulf Times .

He added: “MSMEs have not yet tapped in proper online business solutions. Their websites are very basic and many of them don’t even have a website; they only have a page on any social media platform like Facebook, and very few have mobile Apps, no proper online business strategies, while few of the companies not even defined their objectives.”
Sign In’s market survey of the home-based business landscape in Qatar showed that “hundreds of SME owners and retailers are doing online business.” 
“We also noticed a large number of women, particularly housewives doing many online businesses like fashion clothing, accessories, and footwear, among others. We also met many people who doing various types of business through different social media, especially WhatsApp and Instagram. 
“And most of them have shown interest on how to take their business to a more professional level by having a proper website, payment gateway, and logistic arrangements, as well as funding and investment to expand their business and increase their reach to a global level,” Shanavaz said.
According to Shanavaz, there is a huge opportunity for MSMEs to upscale their business “through customised and efficient online business solutions.” 
“The business should upgrade their presence to a functional level, which is interactive rather than only informational. Businesses need to use advance technologies like Artificial Intelligence, augmented realities, proximity marketing. Also, online strategy should now be a part of their overall business strategies,” he stressed.

Sign In Qatar CEO M P Shanavaz.

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