US is looking for 'permanent solution to Gulf crisis'
July 25 2018 12:43 AM
Ryan Gliha, outgoing chargé d'affaires at the US embassy
Gliha interacts with the media at his residence

The United States is trying to start a process that will lead to a permanent solution to the Gulf crisis, Ryan Gliha, outgoing chargé d'affaires at the US embassy in Qatar, has said.

“Our commitment to solve the Gulf crisis is solid and we see it in the direct interest of the US. We continue to work on it from different fronts to lessen the effect of the crisis and solve it completely as soon as possible,” said Gliha, who was interacting with the media at his residence on Tuesday.
“We have a commitment from the US president down to the administration to solve this issue. We want a permanent solution that something like this does not happen again. That is going to take some time to organise and come up with an idea that everyone can agree to. So, we continue to work on this. The most important part of it is to get everyone to come together and talk and that is our priority and what we are pushing for,” he explained.
“The connections between these countries are very deep. We are close to getting a process to start, which will actually lead to a resolution of the crisis. The resolution must be something that will be agreed upon by the leaders of all the countries and will help the people of the countries reinvent their deep relations. This has taken a toll on the people of the countries and that has to be healed. So, we want to have a permanent solution, not just politically but also socially,” Gliha noted.
“We might have a meeting of the GCC heads but don’t have a date as of now. We anticipate it to happen sometime in the Fall and the dates have not yet been finalised. We have the desire to make that summit a success. It means we have to do some work before we get there for the summit,” he added.
The official said there would be some activities with each country participating in the meeting. “It includes Kuwait in the lead for the mediation to try and build some momentum and success, so that when we meet at the summit with President (Donald) Trump, we have a big success. Still, there is a lot of work to be done as we want to make sure that we are bringing everyone to the table and they are ready to talk and seriously address the issues,” Gliha highlighted.
According to the chargé d'affaires, there is still some work to be done to convince and persuade everyone to move into dialogue and sit at the table. “That is what will happen from our side in a couple months. There will be more movement from our side in order to have everyone come to a solution. We are still working, assuming that we are having a summit and we have a lot of work to be completed,” he added.

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