Local artists' works offer visitors new insights
July 20 2018 09:16 PM
The natural setting of the Dead Sea in Jordan has inspired Yassmin al-Khasawneh to create her 'Ephemeral Crystalline Formations', now displayed at the Doha Fire Station. PICTURE: Ram Chand

An array of artworks displayed at the Fire Station’s garage gallery is giving visitors a chance to explore new insights and meanings of these unique oeuvres by 18 emerging local artists.
The works on show are highlights of the ‘Dual Inspirations’ exhibition, which forms part of the third edition of Qatar Museums' (QM) Artist in Residence programme. It opened on July 17 and runs until October 1. 
“My work has always been research-oriented and experiment-based,” said Yassmin al-Khasawneh, an architect and one of the artists participating in the programme. 
She is showcasing her work, ‘Ephemeral Crystalline Formations’, which has been inspired by the natural setting of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Rachel Cohn used ink on acrylic, wood, canvas, lamps, motors and fans for her 'Mirage Machine' artwork. PICTURE: Joey Aguilar

Al-Khasawneh said she is keen on investigating the natural phenomena of salt crystallisation and its relationship to architectural structures.
“During my time at the Fire Station, I worked on design elements that break the typical perception of architecture in our region,” she noted.
“I feel the urgent need to reassess the use of materials in the current architectural practice, and suggest using what is abundantly available in nature in order to be more material- and-energy-efficient,” added al-Khasawneh, who interned with Zaha Hadid Architects in Hamburg, Germany.
Her colleague, Fatma al-Naimi, a graduate in Art Education from Qatar University, also presents creative visual artworks such as ‘The Result 2’ and ‘The Result 3’, drawing inspiration from “the tangible world”. 
A member of the Qatar Society of Fine Arts, al-Naimi has participated in many local and international exhibitions. She seeks, through her artworks, to explore and understand the meanings associated with forms, expressing her ideas through contemporary methods such as video art, assemblage and painting.
“I use childhood dreams and life memories as sources of inspiration. I use different materials and media to present overlapping spaces, and interchangeable visual levels that dominate the painting,” the artist points out.
The exhibition is also showcasing the works of 16 other artists, which include 'Union' by Aisha al-Malki, 'I am 3naj' by Fatima Mohamed, 'Metamophosis' by Islam Shehab, 'Sculpture Garden' by Ryan Browning, 'The Populace' by Alexandra Oddie, 'Mirage Machine' by Rachel Leah Cohn, 'Finteer' and 'Lunar Eclipse' by May Saleh al-Mannai, 'GL ENS 8900-998' by Diogo Esteves and 'Rhythms of Doha' by Wajiha Perves.
Paul Valentine’s 'Nowhere Left', Shouq al-Mana’s 'Turn of Events', Yasser al-Mulla’s 'Al-Hallaj Visitors', Yousef Bahzad’s 'Untitled', Aisha al-Fadhala’s 'Fierce and Furry', Ahmed Nooh’s 'Traces of life' and Mubarak al-Thani’s 'Saint Petersburg' are also on display. 
The Artist in Residence programme is an annual initiative that nurtures creative talent from across the country. 
This year’s exhibition, curated by Dr Bahaa Abudaya, curator of Contemporary Art at the Fire Station, also features a section titled 'Contemporary Artists Reading Modernism Loudly'. It discusses the inspiring relationship between contemporary and modern art.

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