Kyrgyzstan ambassador in Doha Nuran S Niyazaliev has expressed optimism that an agreement with Qatar on the employment of Kyrgyz citizens will be signed in the coming weeks.
“I hope this forthcoming week we can sign it with the approval of both sides,” the envoy told Gulf Times on the sidelines of a seminar on Qatar’s Labour Law recently at the embassy.
The event, organised in partnership with Al Sulaiti Law Firm, aims to raise legal awareness and promote greater understanding of the labour law in the country.
Niyazaliev said a delegation from Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs visited Bishkek in April to finalise the draft agreement, which regulates the procedure for the employment of Kyrgyz citizens, their recruitment, dispatch, and arrival, as well as their work in Qatar.
“We are expecting more people from Kyrgyz and Kyrgyz Republic has many professionals and qualified workers,” he stressed. “We are ready to help Qatar and provide various services.”
The envoy added that about 500 Kyrgyz expatriates in Doha are serving in different sectors of Qatar’s economy, making their own contribution to its development and prosperity.
Niyazaliev also lauded the Qatar government for making necessary steps to provide expatriates with “decent, suitable and friendly working environment.”
Citing the excellent relations between the two countries, he hopes a direct flight to and from Bishkek will commence soon. 
“Qatar Airways is studying the feasibility of establishing a direct flight between Doha and Bishkek, and if it happens, more Kyrgyz specialists and professionals will be enrolled in Qatar,” the envoy said.
He also expressed confidence that such development will also contribute to deepening trade and investment co-operation, as well as cultural and touristic relations, between the two countries.
“We are further developing our economic and trade relations and working on a number of topics,” he added. “We enjoy excellent relations and we introduced visa free entry for Qataris, they can visit Kyrgyzstan anytime.”
Niyazaliev encouraged Qatari businessmen and travellers to visit Kyrgyzstan, which offers good investment opportunities and touristic sights. 
The embassy is also working in strengthening its cultural co-operation with Qatar by hosting Qatar cultural days in Kyrgyzstan. It is also planning to organise a Kyrgyz cultural day in the country by the end of this year.
“We will hold a ‘Silk Road Festival’ in October at Katara – the Cultural Village this year, and we will host a big event in Kyrgyz in September, we call it the World Nomad Games,” the envoy said. This unique international sports competition, which features ethnic sports, will be held from September 2 to 8.
“We invite Qatar to participate in these games since we have many similarities with Qatari people like Kyrgyz citizens,” he added.
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