With a fresh 2018-2023 term ahead, Qatar Chamber’s newly-elected board of directors has vowed to devote efforts towards self-reliance, and to secure the private sector with a “bigger role” in economic development, a top official has said.
According to Qatar Chamber chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani, the “coming stage” will be focused on self-sufficiency, especially after Qatar overcame the challenges of the economic blockade imposed on the country in June last year.
“By electing its sixth board of directors, Qatar Chamber begins a new phase of its march with more focus on promoting a bigger role for the private sector in the economic process,” Sheikh Khalifa said in Qatar Chamber’s latest edition of Al-Moltaqa newsletter. 
“In fact, the siege stimulated the establishment of new projects in all sectors and reinforced the national production as a means to reduce the reliance on imports. Qatar Chamber has been committed to representing and protecting the interests of the private sector locally and globally. It exerted all possible efforts to eradicate all obstacles that may hinder the private sector to play its expected role in the economic process.” 
In retrospect, Sheikh Khalifa said the previous board’s accomplishments included the development of a work strategy to help the chamber play a significant role in the economy in line with the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as to provide “optimal services” to its members.
Similarly, the Qatar Chamber’s sectorial committees sought “appropriate solutions” to private sector-related issues and challenges, and delivered the private sector’s views to government bodies to reach “adequate solutions,” Sheikh Khalifa said. 
He noted that Qatar Chamber played a significant role in the economic development “by giving inputs on legislation and laws relating to the private sector.” It also has strengthened co-operation with all government entities, and attained an active presence in many regional and international forums and events, the chairman said. 
“During its last council, the chamber significantly contributed to promoting and supporting local products through exhibitions it organised inside and outside the country. In line with technological advancements, the chamber introduced many online services through its website,” Sheikh Khalifa said. 
According to Sheikh Khalifa, Law No 23 of 2017 was issued to amend some provisions of Law No 11 of 1990 on the establishment of Qatar Chamber, and “emphasised the wise leadership’s keenness on empowering the role of Qatar Chamber in the economic process and promoting the private sector as a key partner in development.” 
“This confers greater responsibility on us to exert extra efforts towards the private sector,” Sheikh Khalifa added.

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