Siege fails to shake confidence of global investors in Qatar
May 28 2018 09:47 PM
Over 60 countries contributed to the stock of FDI in Qatar at the end of 2017, according to the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

The almost one-year blockade imposed on Qatar appears not to have shaken the confidence of global investors as Qatar's top four investing countries' share in Doha's inbound foreign direct investment (FDI) continued to be "stable,", according to official data.
The country's total inward FDI stocks amounted to QR130.5bn in 2017 with other American countries contributing QR46.6bn, or 36%, of the total, followed by European Union at QR38.4bn, or 29%; the US at QR30.2bn or 23%; and Asia (not including Gulf Co-operation Council) at QR6.4bn or 5%, according to figures released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS).
"Over 60 countries contributed to the stock of FDI in Qatar at the end of 2017. The top four group of countries' relative share of total FDI continued to be stable and amounted to 93% of total at the end of 2017," MDPS said.
Of the QR130.5bn FDI stocks in 2017, the manufacturing sector accounted for 53% or QR69.1bn, followed by mining and quarrying at 33%, or QR42.4bn and financial and insurance at 10% or QR12.9bn.
Total inward foreign investments amounted to QR649.2bn, which comprised FDI of QR130.5bn, foreign portfolio investments of QR89.8bn, foreign other investments of QR424.4bn and financial derivatives of QR4.5bn in 2017.
It is expected that FDI inflows will be larger in the coming years, given the country has now allowed up to 100% foreign capital in all the sectors. Market experts view that Qatar's moves to allow 100% foreign capital in all sectors is "positive", especially in the banking sector, and is expected to further enhance the country's position in the global FDI landscape.
Qatar has FDI abroad in about 80 countries with total outbound stock at QR146.9bn and the top four - EU, GCC, other Arab countries and Asia (not including GCC and other Arab countries) - together accounting for a relative share of 80% of the total at the end of 2017.
Qatar's FDI in the EU stood at QR50.1bn, or 34% of the total; GCC at QR35.7bn or 24%; other Arab countries at QR20.5bn or 14% and Asia (not including GCC and other Arab countries) at QR11.9bn or 8%.
In 2017, Qatar's outward FDI largely went into the finance and insurance sectors at QR59.4bn or 40% of total, followed by transportation and storage at QR47.9bn, or 33%; and mining and quarrying at QR26.6bn or 18%.
Qatar's total outward foreign investments amounted to QR390.1bn, comprising FDI of QR146.9bn, portfolio investments of QR36.6bn, other investments of QR206.1bn and financial derivatives of QR0.5bn.

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