Leading Qatari conglomerate Al Faisal Holding is studying plans to establish 16 factories in the country to address the requirements of the domestic market, particularly in the fields of agriculture and food security.
“Our group is studying 16 types of factories, some of which have already started, while the others that are in the pipeline will start soon,” Qatar Businessmen Association chairman Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani has announced.
Many Qatari companies are in the process of manufacturing a wide range of products either locally or abroad to secure all the necessary requirements of the domestic market, he explained on the sidelines of a launch event held on Sunday.
“The agriculture sector and the manufacture of consumer products are among the top priorities, and we will strive to produce them smartly and wisely. We will make every effort to make our products better than imported goods at a much affordable price,” Sheikh Faisal told Gulf Times.
As the country completes the first year of the unjust economic blockade next month, Sheikh Faisal emphasised that Qatar has “successfully overcome” the challenges of the blockade, which the Saudi-led quartet imposed in June 2017.
“While the blockade was not expected to come from neighbouring countries, Qatar was, nonetheless, successful in overcoming the challenges of the situation, which mostly had a social impact rather than a political one. It was meant to have an effect on the citizens and expatriates in Qatar,” he pointed out.
Asked about the private sector’s performance in the past year amidst the blockade, Sheikh Faisal said: “In just five days after the blockade, the private sector had already played a huge role in supporting the country. Aside from the government’s responsibility, the private sector also demonstrated its duty and obligation to Qatar, which proved to be a very successful effort.”
He also commended the support and partnership of the international community and foreign trade partners of Qatar.
“Aside from Qatar’s private sector, the international business community extended its support for the country at the onset of the blockade. Because Qatar had strong relationships with many countries and their respective business communities, our international partners readily shipped the necessary goods and products that we needed without any limitations.
“Also, the strong support we received from our international partners was because of Qatar’s close relationships with them and the partnerships that were forged between our businessmen and their foreign counterparts. I would like to thank their respective governments for their support,” he stressed.
He added: “We also received a lot of telephone calls from companies all over the world, such as those from the pharmaceutical, food, and agriculture sectors, among many other industries that supported the country’s requirements.
“This is because of the confidence that these international partners have in the government and the private sector, and the good relationship that they have formed over the years with Qatar.”
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