The Police Training Institute celebrated the graduation of the police officers who have completed the first obligatory leadership course, with the attendance of Director General of Public Security Saad bin Jassim al-Khulaifi.

Held at the Minister of Interior (MoI), the course was attended by 21 officers from different departments in the ministry.
The course aims to prepare senior leaders and provide them with the knowledge and skills of administrative, legal and technical police leadership that enables them to perform the tasks given to them efficiently.
The two-week course touched on building strategic vision, contemporary leadership strategies, empowerment skills, time and priority management skills, excellence management systems, the concept and types of crises and how to manage them, as well as the code of conduct and practical crisis and disaster management scenarios.
The institute also saw the graduation of 28 officers from MoI who completed the obligatory medium course number 26.
This course was held at the Officers Club at the Directorate General of Civil Defence.
Assistant Director of the Police Training Institute, Major Ali Saud al-Hanzab, handed the certificates to the officer graduates.
The course aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills that qualify them for strategic planning, crisis management methods and evaluation of police performance to ensure the quality of security work outputs.
The content of the three-week middle course covered topics related to leadership skills, planning principles, formulation of strategic objectives, how to develop staff performance, building scenarios for security crisis management and negotiation skills.
It also covered the ways to deal with new crimes (cybercrime, trafficking crime and control mechanisms) police behavior with regards to public meetings, field visits, practical applications and sports training.
The Police Training Institute adopted a comprehensive development for the training courses through the rehabilitation plan of the Ministry of the Interior for this year, by introducing scenarios and practical applications in the planning courses, in addition to the operational and field courses.

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