A Qatari shoe designer whose brand made its international debut at the Paris Fashion Week recently will be launching her first collection in Doha tomorrow.
The ‘Capsule Collection’ by 29-year-old Hissa al-Haddad will be launched for the first time in Qatar at The Gate Mall. “The design of the collection incorporates Qatari architecture and tradition,” Haddad told Gulf Times during a press 
conference yesterday.
“The design for the ‘Capsule Collection’ was mainly inspired by Islamic architecture. It also combines pearls because they represent Qatar’s cultural roots, as well as gold, jewellery, and gems, which are part of Qatari fashion,” said Haddad, who claims to be the first Qatari female designer to collaborate with top shoe manufacturers in Italy.
The ‘Hissa Haddad’ brand made its international debut at the London Fashion Week in October 2017. Haddad said her second collection is slated to be showcased at the London 
Fashion Week next month.
Also in February, Haddad said she will be meeting with several international buyers who are interested in her brand.
According to Italian Chamber of Commerce in Qatar chairperson Palma Libotte, who organised Haddad’s meetings with Italian government officials, suppliers, and manufacturers, it was the first time that a Qatari female entrepreneur had asked the chamber’s assistance to manufacture her designs in Italy.
“We don’t get many women entrepreneurs coming to us for assistance. I saw that she had done a lot of hard work to prepare herself for this industry,” said Libotte, who described Haddad as a determined Qatari entrepreneur.
“She was really prepared and she knew what she wanted; she had done extensive research in the shoe industry, which was why the discussions and meetings with Italian suppliers and manufacturers went smoothly,” she added.
During the meetings in Italy, Haddad said the Italians welcomed her ideas and were particularly interested in learning more about the Qatari culture, the people, and the country’s different traditions.
“The product is very unique because its design is infused with Islamic architecture and tradition, which gives an added value to the brand itself. There is a lot of study behind it. But the fact that she had gone so much into these details and did so much research on what these elements are to her culture, I think that aroused a lot of 
interest,” Libotte pointed out.
Asked to provide pointers to inspire other Qatari entrepreneurs who want to break into the international market, Haddad said, “We do have lots of women who are extremely creative but maybe they do not pursue their plans further and transform their ideas into an international brand, so you have to plan and believe in yourself and the people around you. My plan was to launch a Qatari brand; I always wanted to do that and it is now a reality.”

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