Qatar receives investments of more than QR743bn in Q2
December 11 2017 09:27 PM
West Bay
Qatar's total outward investments were to the tune of QR451.1bn in Q2 this year, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics said.

Fast growing Qatar is estimated to have received overseas investments of more than QR743bn at the end of second quarter (Q2) this year, with bulk of them being in the form of long-term loans and trade related short-term financial instruments, according to official estimates.
On the other hand, Doha's total outward investments were to the tune of QR451.1bn, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) said in the Foreign Investment Survey released on Monday.
The survey was addressed to about 30 of the largest enterprises in the private sector, which accounted for 84% of value of inward FDI (foreign direct investment) of non-banks enterprises in 2016. 
The Qatar Central Bank surveyed all 43 financial institutions under its supervision. Both institutions surveyed 73 enterprises in total.
Doha received FDI to the extent of QR135.8bn (18% of the total inward overseas investments), foreign other investments of QR512.9bn (69%), foreign portfolio investment of QR89.4bn (12%), and financial derivatives of QR5.1bn (1%) at the end of Q2, 2017.
During the first quarter of this year, the country had seen an inward FDI to the tune of QR136.8bn, foreign portfolio investment of QR90.4bn, foreign other investment of QR548.3bn and financial derivatives of QR4.8bn.
The country's overseas investments were to the extent of QR463.7bn at the first quarter ended 2017, which then declined to QR451.1bn in the subsequent quarter, MDPS said.
At the end of Q2, 2017, Doha's outward foreign direct investment was to the tune of QR145.8bn, or 32%, of the total, foreign other investments (consisting of long-term loans and trade related short term financial instruments) were QR266bn, or 59%, foreign portfolio investment (financial securities) was QR38bn or 9%, and financial derivatives of QR1.3bn, MDPS data found.
"During Q2 2017, net out flows of foreign direct investment abroad and other changes amounted to QR1.5bn," MDPS said.
In the first quarter of this year, Qatar's outward FDI was QR144.3bn, foreign portfolio investment QR35.6bn, foreign other investment QR282.6bn and financial derivatives stood at QR1.2bn.
Qatar's overseas investments expanded more than 63% year-on-year to QR459.6bn, while it received more than doubled foreign investments of QR774bn in 2016, MDPS said, after reviving the estimates of 2015.
The country's outward foreign direct investment grew about 11% to QR139.9bn, of which as much as QR47.7bn or 34% went to the European Union, followed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (QR34bn or 24%), other Arab countries (QR19.5bn or 14%) and Asia (QR11.3bn or 8%), it said.
Doha's inward FDI was to the tune of QR135.4bn, of which QR48.3bn or 36% came from other American countries, followed by European Union (QR39.8bn or 29%), the US (QR31.4bn or 23%) and Asia (not including the GCC) QR6.6bn or 5%.

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