Carnegie Mellon mulls more entrepreneurship programmes
November 02 2017 12:57 AM
Dr Michael Trick speaking to the media.

Carnegie Mellon University Qatar (CMU-Q) is working out the details of  more entrepreneurship programmes to make Qatar more self-reliant,  disclosed a top official of the university.
“The blockade on Qatar by some of the Arab countries, has identified opportunities to further diversify the economy and become less reliant on other countries and entrepreneurship is one of those opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a big part of our business programme here. We are still discussing  more entrepreneurship programmes and working out the details,” said Dr Michael Trick, dean, CMU-Q.
“The university has so far signed memorandum of understanding with more than 27 organisations. Many of them are interested in programmes in entrepreneurship and other topics. This is another way, we can be more engaged with the community,” continued Dr Trick.
Dr Trick who was appointed as the new dean of CMU-Q a couple months back, was interacting  with the local media at the university campus yesterday.
“One thing, I would highlight is entrepreneurship. As the economy of Qatar matures and moves away from mono-economy, we want to make certain that we are doing our part in creating a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem. It can be on the computer science side and there are tremendous entrepreneurship opportunities in biology as well,” maintained, dean Dr Trick.
The official also felt that things learnt in business and entrepreneurship can be applied across all the campuses in the Education City and the institutes can take advantage of what is being taught in entrepreneurship at CMU-Q.
According to Dr Trick, student experience will be the major focus of the learning process in the college. “Trends in education recognise that a lot of what happens, takes place outside the classroom. I am comfortable with what happens in the classroom. I am happy with the educational experience students are getting there. I want to have a strong sense of community, both within CMU-Q and with the overall system here in Education City,” he explained.
“University is a transformative experience. It is where children grow into adults. We have this responsibility to fully do that, not just in the classroom. Looking at what happens when they are in the hallways, the experiences through outside lectures, events, clubs, travel—all of this is going to be very important in the upcoming years,” he continued.
Dean Dr Trick also highlighted that scheduling the World Cup is a fascinating topic. “I will  be particularly looking at how it is scheduled and what they come up with in order to use the various stadiums. It will be an interesting place in 2022 as Qatar prepares for the world cup to come in. We will also explore the possibilities of contributing to the technical aspects such as data for the tournament,” he added.

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