The French embassy in Doha is inviting France’s business sector to seek investment opportunities in Qatar, which, according to ambassador Eric Chevallier, is witnessing “accelerated” economic development despite the ongoing Gulf crisis.
“We are impressed by the vision that Qatar is developing through this crisis and for accelerating the development of Qatar,” Chevallier told Gulf Times on Wednesday on the sidelines of a meeting between French healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and their Qatari counterparts.
“My main message to the French business sector is that Qatar has been very resilient in facing the Gulf crisis and it is very committed to further develop its economy. Qatar is welcoming new foreign partners and this is why we are promoting Qatar to the French business sector. We are telling French companies to come to Qatar because there are very positive perspectives,” he continued.
Chevallier said Biogaran, Logo Silver, Medasys, and Visiomed Group are among the leading companies in France seeking Qatari partners in the healthcare sector. The companies also met with representatives from Hamad Medical Corporation, Al Sulaiti Law Firm, AdvanzCare, Sanofi, Sidra, and other major players in the healthcare industry.
“The aim is very clear. We want to see how new companies in France’s health sector could contribute to the development of Qatar and its economic relationship with France. It is also an opportunity for companies that are not yet established in Qatar to meet with Qatari stakeholders in the field of healthcare.
“The visit of the French pharmaceutical delegation to Qatar is in the context of the development of economic relations between Qatar and France as we are impressed with the resilience of the Qatari economy during the Gulf crisis,” the ambassador said.
Aside from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, Chevallier said France is also committed to developing other sectors, including sports, agriculture and food production.
“I recently held meetings with key stakeholders to tell them that in electricity, water, oil and gas, and many other fields, we have companies that are really interested to contribute to acceleration of the economy of Qatar,” he stressed.
Chevallier also said he is confident that France will play a significant role in state-run initiatives towards self-sufficiency in food and pharmaceuticals.
“France is keen on building partnerships with Qatari companies in order to serve the market here or from Qatar to other areas abroad. It is possible that French companies could provide services or products to the Qatari market if they find the right partners.
“I am sure that we can play a role in supporting Qatar in meeting its objectives to make the country a self-sufficient nation. We have already started and the visit of these French companies is already an example,” Chevallier added.
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