Vessel arrivals at Hamad Port surge 47% in August
October 10 2017 09:39 PM
Hamad Port
Qatar’s world-class Hamad Port received 162 vessels in August.


Hamad Port received 162 vessels in August this year, loaded with a total of 1.296mn tonnes.
The figure was 47.3% more compared to last year, when 602 vessels berthed at all Qatar ports during the corresponding period.
The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics released the 44th edition of Qatar: Monthly Statistics - Statistics of August 2017, which is a monthly publication that contains the main statistical indicators and updates pertaining to Qatar in a specific month.
This edition comprises detailed indicators as per different statistical issues recorded during August 2017, in addition to highlights from 2015 census results.
Total broad money supply (M2) recorded about QR559bn during the month of August 2017 showing an annual increase of 14.4% compared with August 2016.
On the other hand, cash equivalents (including deposits) were QR793.6bn during August 2017.
The figure saw an annual increase of 20% in comparison with August 2016 from last year, as it recorded approximately QR661.6bn.
The demographic statistics showed that the population of Qatar has increased from 2.40mn in August 2016 to more than 2.44mn at end of August 2017, an annual growth rate of 1.9%.
A total of 2,189 live births was registered in August 2017, while 184 deaths were also recorded during the same period.
On another aspect, the total number of registered marriages was 374 in August 2017, and divorces 109.
This edition highlighted significant increase in the number of beneficiaries of social security as it reached 14,163 during August 2017, whereas the total value of social security benefits was about QR82.7mn.
In regard to electricity and water consumption, the bulletin showed that the total electricity utilisation value during August 2017 was 4,641.4 GWh attaining a monthly increase of 2.6% compared to last month.
The bulletin also showed that the total amount of water consumed was 45,421.4 thousand cu m during the same month - a monthly increase of 0.3%.
As for the building permit's information, the bulletin showed that their total number has reached 719 permits during August 2017, and thus recorded a monthly increase of 14.3% as compared to July 2017.
A total of 450 traffic cases were recorded during August 2017, a decrease of 0.2% in comparison with the previous month of July when the figure was 451.
In the same period, 12 deaths were also recorded.
The bulletin also highlighted that the total number of new vehicles registered has reached 5,420 in August 2017.
The figure registered a monthly increase of 41.2% compared to last July 2017, when it was 3,839.

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