Festivities at the Old Doha Port will continue until April 20, with the “Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate” and “Throwback Food” festivals in full swing, offering visitors a unique experience and excitement following the Eid.

Families can expect to find the same spirit of celebration after a successful Ramadan season, with shows and performances daily from 4pm-10pm.

Maritime traditional bands, Qanun performers, and roaming musicians will showcase their talents as they travel the streets of the port.

The “Throwback Food Festival”, which attracted culinary enthusiasts, will continue to amaze audiences with its rich offerings.

The “Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate Festival” is also ongoing, impressing visitors and giving them an unforgettable experience of taste and tradition.

The joyous atmosphere created during the holy month of Ramadan is still alive at the port, and there are festivities to engage all age groups.

The events demonstrate a fusion of modernity and heritage. In its commitment to being the entertainment hub, Old Doha Port welcomes new visitors and those returning for a fun and memorable time.
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