The gradually decreasing temperatures in Qatar, especially early morning and late afternoon, has started enticing many residents to engage in outdoor activities at various public parks in Doha.

The green areas at popular parks in Doha, as well as open spaces, such as Aspire Zone, Museum of Islamic Art, Hotel Park, Souq Waqif, and the Doha Corniche, have become a haven for runners, walkers, football and badminton enthusiasts, and cricketers, among others.
Speaking to Gulf Times, Filipino expatriate Veronica C Valbuena said she plays badminton during this time of the year with her co-employees Mia Tawakal and Ram Manohar at the Hotel Park thrice a week early morning after their duty.

Aspire Park children's playground is busy again. PICTURE: Shemeer Rasheed

Children at the MIA Park. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

“Despite given a night shift schedule, we still find ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle,” she stressed. “There is always a right time to play badminton even during the summer.”
Come winter time, the trio plans to burn more calories by completing a seven-day programme at the same venue, a routine which they did previously during the same period.
Like the Hotel Park, the Museum of Islamic Art Park also started receiving an increasing number of families and sports lovers in the afternoon, particularly during the weekend.
Many children can be seen biking and playing ball games while the rest enjoy the games and other offerings at the park’s playground with other young visitors.
Some areas of the park provide a suitable environment for groups of footballers who play against each other until the evening.
A security personnel said that apart from families picnicking at the park, they expect more football enthusiasts and teams to come and play during the winter.
“Most of the time, those who took a walk or jog along the Doha Corniche come here to continue their exercise, and some even join the football matches here,” he added
Aspire Park, a popular place for family hangouts, picnics and other physical activities, started to become busy again with more families and children doing various activities such as biking, walking, jogging, and playing football.
Apart from public parks, Qatar’s roads have also began to attract an increasing number of bikers daily, trying to visit as many places in northern and western part of the country.
“Biking is a hobby for others while many are also preparing for the race season in the coming months, they need to become fit as these competitions are also tough,” said a long-time cyclist in Qatar.