Traffic signal at Katara Junction closed for six months
July 17 2017 09:13 PM


The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) is closing a traffic signal at the intersection of Legtaifiya and Lusail streets - also known as the Katara Junction - to complete the construction of a three-level interchange on the Lusail Expressway project. 
The proposed changes have been designed in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic and will be implemented from Wednesday for six months, Ashghal has said in a press statement.
The disabling of the traffic signal at Katara Junction, combined with the recently opened tunnel at the Onaiza Interchange and flyover at the Al Khaleej Al Gharbi Interchange, will facilitate "completely free-flowing traffic movement" for road users travelling from The Pearl-Qatar towards West Bay, the statement notes.
It will also enable the authorities to open multiple tunnels on the Lusail Expressway project in the next two months.
As shown on the map, the modified road layout will require motorists travelling on Lusail and Legtaifiya streets to follow new routes to access Katara - the Cultural Village, The Pearl-Qatar and Legtaifiya Street. 
From West Bay to Legtaifiya Street: Road users travelling from West Bay towards Legtaifiya Street will no longer be able to turn left at the Katara Junction traffic signal. They are advised to continue straight, make a U-turn after the South Canal Crossing Bridge, then continue onwards and make a right turn on to Legtaifiya Street.
Legtaifiya Street, Lusail City or Lagoona Mall to The Pearl-Qatar: Those coming from Legtaifiya Street, Lusail City or Lagoona Mall and wish to access The Pearl-Qatar are advised to drive along Lusail Street towards West Bay and follow road signs towards a new purpose-built U-turn above the recently opened tunnel at the Onaiza Interchange. They can then continue on Lusail Street towards The Pearl-Qatar. 
As part of the road change, Ashghal has said it will also shift the existing traffic signal near the Diplomatic Club and remove the temporary roundabout leading to Lagoona Mall and Lusail City. Both modifications are expected to better regulate traffic flow between West Bay and The Pearl-Qatar. 
Katara to Legtaifiya Street and West Bay: Those exiting Katara will no longer be able to go straight across the Katara Junction signal towards Legtaifiya Street. Instead, they will be required to turn right on to Lusail Street, make a U-turn after South Canal Crossing Bridge, then drive straight and either take the first right onto Legtaifiya Street or continue onwards to West Bay.
Access to the Legtaifiya Lagoon residential area: Access to the Legtaifiya Lagoon residential area will be via Lusail City only, Ashghal has said. Road users coming from West Bay, The Pearl-Qatar or Lagoona Mall will have to follow the diversion over the North Canal Crossing Bridge, make a U-turn in Lusail City and exit right into the Legtaifiya Lagoon residential area.
The authority will install advanced signage to advise motorists about the modified road layout. It has urged them to abide by the speed limit, which has been reduced to 50kph, and follow road signs to ensure their safety.

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