Local banks account for 97% of total QR762.21bn deposits in Qatar
June 27 2017 08:25 PM
Doha bank street

Total deposits in Qatar's banking system stood at QR762.21bn in May this year, of which about 97% was with local lenders and only little above 3% in foreign banks, according to the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) data.

Of the total QR762.21bn, private sector's share stood at QR377.45bn or about 50% of total, followed by public sector QR200.18bn (26%) and non-residents QR184.58bn (24%), the central bank said.

Of the total deposits in the Qatari banking system, Qatari banks' share was QR736.51bn, of which QR519.56bn (71%) was with conventional lenders and QR216.96bn (29%) with Islamic banks.

The total private sector deposits with Qatari banks amounted to QR354.73bn (or 48% of the total); those of public sector were QR198.55bn (27%) and non-residents QR183.24bn (25%).

Of the QR354.73bn private sector deposits with Qatari banks, riyal-denominated demand and time & savings deposits were QR86.83bn and QR193.23bn; while foreign currency denominated demand and time & savings deposits were QR12.86bn and QR61.81bn respectively.

Qatari conventional banks' had QR59.49bn and QR112.2bn in private demand and time & savings deposits in riyals and QR10.97bn and QR45.07bn in foreign currency; while Islamic banks saw QR27.35bn and QR81.03bn in demand and time & savings (riyal denominated) and QR1.89bn and QR16.73bn in foreign currency.

Qatari banks' public sector banks' demand and time & savings deposits amounted to QR28.4bn and QR81.09bn in local currency and QR10.69bn and QR78.37bn in foreign currency respectively.

Of the QR28.4bn public sector deposits in riyals, conventional lenders' share was QR20.41bn and Islamic QR7.98bn; while of the QR81.09bn public sector deposits in foreign currency, QR44.71bn was with conventional lenders and QR36.39bn in Islamic banks.

Foreign banks' total deposits were mere QR25.7bn, of which QR10.62bn was with Arab lenders and QR15.08bn with non-Arab banks.

Qatar’s private sector deposits with foreign banks amounted to QR22.73bn or 89%, followed by public sector at QR1.63bn (6%) and non-residents at QR1.34bn (5%).

Private sector had parked QR9.56bn and QR9.45bn in demand and time & savings deposits in riyals and QR3.23bn and QR0.49bn in foreign currency with foreign banks. The public sector’s share was QR0.15bn and QR0.46bn in riyals and QR0.65bn and QR0.37bn in foreign currency terms.

Of the QR10.62bn deposits with Arab banks, Qatar’s private sector deposited QR9.61bn and public sector QR0.9bn.

Arab banks had seen QR2.79bn and QR6.38bn (local currency) in demand and time & savings private sector deposits and QR0.37bn and QR0.08bn in foreign currency.

Public sector demand and time & savings deposits (local currency) with Arab banks stood at QR0.15bnn and QR0.46bn and those in foreign currency were QR0.03bn and QR0.37bn respectively.

Non-Arab banks had seen QR6.77bn and QR3.08bn in private sector demand and time & savings local currency deposits and QR2.86bn and QR0.41bn in foreign currency.

Qatar’s public sector’s demand deposits with non-Arab banks amounted to QR0.11bn in riyals and QR0.62bn in foreign currency.

Of the total QR184.56bn non-resident deposits, Qatari lenders cornered QR183.24bn (QR149.8bn by conventional and QR33.44bn by Islamic lenders) and the remaining QR1.34bn were with foreign banks (QR0.12bn with Arab banks and QR1.22bn with non-Arab lenders).

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