Adequate quantities of fresh dairy products have been imported to Qatar so as to meet the daily demands of the residents, many retailers disclosed. Moreover, the price is lesser than the products that were available in the market earlier.

Dairy products from Turkey reached by air on Thursday evening and the supplies reached the retail outlets early morning yesterday. They included fresh milk, laban and yogurt among others. Milk is sold at QR5 per litre, said to be the lowest ever in the country.
An official from Safari Mall said that enough quantity of milk to sell through the day was available at the outlet yesterday. “We got milk and other products yesterday morning. The quality is very good and the price is more attractive. We have enough quantities of these products for every customer,” he said.

A customer buying milk products at Family Food Centre

“From tomorrow, we will have more of these products. Our customers are very happy about the quality of these products. Above all, the price is also more attractive than the prevailing one. With the regular supply of these products everything is normal about the entire range of food supply in the country. Presently we have enough stock of eggs that can last for a minimum of 10 days and our next consignment of eggs will reach in two days,” he added.
A senior official from Family Food Centre noted that with the arrival of dairy products from Turkey, there are sufficient quantities in the market. “The entire market scenario looks better. We have all the products for the customers and our shelves never have been empty so far. Whatever dairy products we have got so far, is good enough for us to cater to our customers now,” he explained.
“We have also starting receiving fresh chicken from Oman from Thursday. We already have enough stock of eggs and the entire situation has become quite normal. There was also more import of vegetables into the country in the recent days and the quantity of tomatoes that reached yesterday was an all-time high,” he added.

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