Qatar strives for total success in vaccine management
April 24 2017 09:10 PM
Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad al-Thani
Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad al-Thani

Qatar aims to achieve 100% proficiency and success in vaccine management in the coming years, said a top official of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

“It is one of the goals in the national Health Strategy 2017-2022. We have achieved 99% success in various vaccination programmes and we aim to achieve 100% success in the next couple of years. This is an ambitious target that we have set in the new strategy,” said Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad al-Thani, director of Public Health at MoPH.
The official was speaking on the sidelines of the opening of a three-day workshop for healthcare professionals in Qatar on vaccine management.
“We are aiming to achieve it by providing effective training for the healthcare providers. We have been successful in providing vaccination for everyone with almost 99% success. We want to make sure that all the healthcare facilities in Qatar should be aware of effective vaccine management,” said Dr Sheikha Mohamed.
“All the vaccines accepted by the GCC council are available in Qatar and are free for everyone. The vaccines are given for children as well as elders. For some of the travel vaccines there are some nominal charges,” he said.
The official assured that every vaccination given in the country is safe and done through the best practices available. “We have had no outbreaks of any communicable diseases. We have achieved elimination of several such diseases in the country. We aim for zero cases of other communicable diseases. We want every healthcare provider to understand this and the workshop is a step towards this direction,” he explained.
According to the director, the recent vaccination campaigns have achieved the desired results. “The outcomes so far have been very positive. After the vaccine campaigns, there have been no incident of any such diseases against which we have had the vaccines. The measles vaccination campaign is done every three years and the flu and TdaP vaccines are given every year to the school students,” he added.

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