The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced it will divert traffic on Lijmiliya Road for two months to enable the construction of a 2.3km section of a new road as part of the Al Sheehaniya-Leatooriya-Lijmiliya expressway project. 
The proposed road change, about 1km south of Lijmiliya, has been designed in co-ordination with the General Directorate of Traffic. It will be implemented from Tuesday and continue until the end of June.
In a press statement on Sunday, Ashghal said the road change is essential for completing the construction of the Al Sheehaniya-Leatooriya-Lijmiliya Road expressway project, a new 31km expressway that will more efficiently link the regional towns of Al Sheehaniya, Leatooriya and Lijmiliya. 
Once complete, the new expressway will provide motorists with two lanes in each direction, double the capacity of the previous road, the statement notes. 
The project will simultaneously improve road safety through the installation of guard rails, street lighting and intelligent transport systems, the authority said.
As shown on the attached map, the minor road change will shift motorists to a parallel route on the left side of the existing carriageway.
Ashghal has advised that there will be no reduction in the existing number of lanes, and road users will still have access to one lane in each direction. 
The authority has requested all road users to abide by the speed limit, which has been reduced from 100kph to 50kph, and follow the new traffic signs to ensure their safety.
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