The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) recorded the first nesting of the season by the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle at Fuwairait Beach on Saturday.
The nesting season would go on until August 1 across the islands and northern coasts and beaches of the country, in particular at Fuwairait Beach. The MME has urged all residents and visitors to co-operate to make the nesting season a success and avoid any breaches of the fenced areas to avoid disturbing the turtles.
The MME has fenced off the entire Fuwairait Beach and vehicles are banned from entering the place. According to the MME, loud sounds, bright light at night, vehicle movements near the nesting areas, people tampering with the turtle’s eggs, turtles getting entangled in fishing nets, and attacks by their natural predators such as fish and crabs, in addition to marine pollution, could badly influence the life of such turtles.
The MME announced that in accordance with ministerial decision no 37 of 2010 regarding the preservation of endangered turtles, and marine birds, and as part of implementation of the annual project of the Department of Protection and Wildlife, Fuwairait Beach has been closed until August 1.
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