HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sheikh Dr Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali al-Thani has affirmed Qatar's interest in preserving biodiversity and protecting all local creatures threatened with extinction because of its importance in preserving the environmental balance, including the project to protect hawksbill sea turtles.
This came during the campaign organised by the ministry to clean and rehabilitate Fuwairit Beach in the north of the country, marking the start of the sea turtle nesting season for 2023.
HE Sheikh Dr Faleh said that the ministry was rehabilitating and equipping Fuwairit Beach, marking the start of the sea turtle nesting season, and the release of many turtle hatchlings, which contributes to the development of the local environment and increasing its biodiversity, including living organisms that are an important link in the chain of environmental balance.
He noted that this in a way contributes to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development in all regions of the country.
HE the Minister highlighted that environmental development is one of the four pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and there is no doubt that achieving this vision is a national responsibility for all members of society.
He said that the ministry has made great efforts to preserve these endangered creatures, by releasing more than 40,000 turtle hatchlings during the past five years, pointing out that for the first time, the ministry is raising 500 hatchlings with a success rate of over 85% under the supervision of the ministry's researchers.
HE Sheikh Dr Faleh also noted that the process of preserving and protecting the environment is a joint responsibility of the State and the local community, pointing to the responsibility of all individuals to work to protect the local environment and preserve the biodiversity.
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