More people turn to organic food products
March 31 2017 09:44 PM
Some of the organic produce displayed at Mahaseel Festival.
Some of the organic produce displayed at Mahaseel Festival.

Retail chain LuLu Hypermarket has kept pace with the growing demand among its health conscious consumers seeking organic food products, including produce grown in farms in the country.

“Only recently, LuLu participated in Mahaseel Festival,” said Krishna Kumar R general manager, LuLu Hypermarket along D-Ring Road.
The festival, organised by Katara-the Cultural Village, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s Agricultural Affairs Department, was aimed at supporting and promoting Qatar’s agricultural and livestock industry.
But aside from supporting local farm produce, Kumar said LuLu is also sourcing most of the premium brands on “healthy living” from its international suppliers in the UK and the US, among other countries, “to keep up with the growing demand from Qatar consumers.”
“Nowadays, we are also promoting almost all organic and ‘healthy’ products, especially in our new outlets like Al Messila and Barwa where we are keeping a large separate section for these items. Even in our D-Ring branch, we also keep almost all varieties of organic products as well as food items that promote a healthy lifestyle,” he pointed out.
Kumar said awareness campaigns on keeping a healthy lifestyle contributed to the growing demand for “healthy options” and has become a trend among Qataris and many expatriates.
“Demand for these products is a growing trend in Qatar due to increasing awareness on keeping a healthy lifestyle and choosing healthy options. Our customers are very health conscious hence it is part of our social responsibility to promote healthy living by responding to their growing needs,” he stressed.
“Most expatriates who come to our outlets are looking for these ‘healthy’ products but there is also a big demand from the Qatari market and they are also patronising many of these items,” he further said.
Speaking to Gulf Times previously, Qatar Culinary Professional chairman Baran Yucel said people in Qatar “are now more aware” about the health benefits and advantages of using organic produce.
At the same time, he said there is a demand and potential growth for organic farming in Qatar. Citing the lack of organic plantation in Qatar “a few years ago,” Yucel said more organic farms are being established in the country.
“If there is no demand for organic fruits and vegetables, there won’t be a second and third farm in Qatar. I am fully aware of the second farm and from what I understand, the third one is on its way,” he said.

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