Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) has launched a national sustainability loyalty programme, 'Green Life' to promote green activities by rewarding loyalty points that can be redeemed at select outlets around the country.

"Available both in English and Arabic, people can download the mobile application on iOS as well as android platform and start collecting points," Meshal al-Shamari, director, QGBC, told Gulf Times, on the sidelines of the Qatar Green Building Conference yesterday.
"It is mainly a points collection application as users can collect points whenever a green initiative is done. These points can be redeemed for several rewards.”
The year-round loyalty programme aims to bridge the gap between the prevalent perceptions and understanding of sustainability within the community, and make it a vital part of people’s lifestyles. Residents from all walks of life can take part in a wide range of activities throughout the campaign in the coming months.
Aimed at personalising the concept of sustainability among residents of Qatar, experts and trainers from QGBC will share best practices with members of the community and businesses in Qatar through a range of interactive events.
“Every green activity will be rewarded through the programme. People can scan the activities and get points. There is a tool for scanning the activities in the app. These activities can be anything related to green life or sustainability. Sport as well as other outdoor activities also will come under this category. The locations as well as the redemption points will be announced on the website,” said the QGBC director.
Al-Shamari highlighted the significance of the campaign in fostering a culture of sustainability in Qatar. “Through research, surveys and interacting with people, we have found there is an increasing gap in the understanding of sustainability and the relevance it holds in people’s lives. This campaign is designed to address this very issue and help people consider sustainability as a lifestyle rather than a compulsory policy imposed on them from an external entity,” he explained.
"A range of educational events and online visual campaigns for members of the community will be a major part of the initiative that will be rolled out later this year. These events will be held in schools, universities, offices, malls, sporting complexes and other major public places within the city. We believe this is a vital step towards sustainability in Qatar. We encourage everyone to take part and help create a better future for generations to come,” he added.
Further details on the ‘Green Life’ campaign will be made available later this year. More information about the programme can be found at

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