2022 World Cup stadiums to follow green building practices
November 13 2016 08:41 PM
HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah addressing the event
HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah addressing the event

All stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar will be built by making use of the green building practices, a top official stressed.

“Qatar, by hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is committed that all of its stadiums will be green, including building stadiums that work on solar energy,” said HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, chairman of Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development and former deputy prime minister and minister of energy and industry.
Delivering the keynote address at the inaugural session of the second edition of the Qatar Green Building Conference, HE al-Attiyah explained that Qatar has adopted a strategy to establish a national awareness on the concept of sustainability in various aspects.
"Qatar has also developed a set of strict standards in green buildings for all public buildings to subject to the Qatar sustainability system.”
HE al-Attiyah highlighted that Qatar aims to apply progressive standards for the sustainability of buildings. “Work is already underway to publish an updated international version of Qatar construction standards within a few years,” he stated.
Developing an index for green buildings is a major aspect in sustainable development in Qatar. “One of the key pillars that Qatar should depend for sustainable development is developing an index as well as setting specified standards for green buildings and sustainable cities as implementation mechanisms,” the top official maintained.
“The index aims to set a national mechanism to assess buildings and enhance sustainability. This will help preserve the environment and raise awareness among the developers, contractors and architects and the dissemination of general culture for the protection of the generations to be the responsibility for all,” elaborated HE al-Attiyah.
The former deputy prime minister highlighted that this mechanism will be an opportunity for developers and owners of the buildings in the country to understand the requirements of sustainability. “This supports the rationalisation of water and energy consumption and connects vital sectors with each other and encourages recycling activities. The call for the dissemination of green building culture is an essential pursuit to deal with the environment in a better way,” he added.
French ambassador Eric Chevallier, who spoke at the event, stressed that every country must make urgent efforts for a transition to a low carbon economy. He also suggested Qatar can follow several practices in realising this goal.
"Qatar can contribute by investing in solar energy and wind that will contribute to sustainable development. It can also reduce gas flare, promote energy efficiency, sustainable growth and development, adopting the highest standards in green building. The country can develop transport facilities such as metro and tramway to reduce carbon emission.”
“Committing to host the 2022 FIFA event a carbon neutral event is also very important for Qatar in this mission. This can be realised through two approaches of delivering stadiums and non-competition venues with a focus on sustainability and having the old venues certified by the Global Sustainability Assessment Standards. I believe that this really can set an example for the world,” the French envoy added.

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