Mesaieed radar detectors give road safety further boost
October 19 2016 09:27 PM
Mesaieed roads
“Whole shape cabinet cameras” are specifically designed for Qatar roads, and are initially being implemented by Qatar Petroleum in Mesaieed

Safety on Qatar roads has received a further boost with 4D microwave radar detectors up and running in Mesaieed, according to a senior official of a Swedish company involved in the installation of the state-of-the-art cameras.

"A total of 46 grey box-shaped cameras are now operational in the area, detecting various road violations of erring drivers," explained KTC International Co. general manager Mohamed Vadiee at a briefing on road safety at the Swedish embassy on Wednesday. The new devices can capture a vehicle’s classification, size and the direction it is travelling, and the lane it is in, among others.
With the help of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Traffic Department, the company designed “whole shape cabinet cameras” specifically for Qatar roads, and initially being implemented by Qatar Petroleum at the Industrial Area in Mesaieed. The project was handed over to the MoI.
Vadiee said the cameras can also detect a number of violations such as tailgating and swerving. He disclosed that they initially received a lot of complaints from many motorists travelling in the area who are not used to such restrictions. Installed since last year, these cameras started operating in July.
Besides 4D microwave radar detectors, a camera embedded in a car is also being tested to detect violations such as speeding.
“We have completed a demo, the proof concept was approved and we are just waiting for the right time to have a word from MoI or tender such a process,” Vadiee noted.
He said the camera produces video and images of any motorist passing by the car over the speed limit, complementing the 4D radar system.
The devices have so far passed the environmental test, which include both hot and cold weathers, according to Vadiee.
Swedish National Road Consulting AB managing director Jonas Hermanson said the concept is being implemented in Sweden as part of its Vision Zero policy, which has substantially reduced road fatalities and serious injuries.
While cutting down speed reduces the risk of serious injuries, he explained that speeding is one major component in fatal accidents. “Speed is a major cause of damages in a crash.”
“Managing kinetic energy is what need to do,” he said. “We have done a great overhaul of the speed system (in Sweden) depending on what kind of situation you have.”
After the speed system was implemented, he noted that Sweden also saw a 25% cut in carbon emissions due to lesser fuel consumption.
“In turn, it has a great impact on the environmental targets we have in Sweden,” Hermanson added.

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