Looking to get rid of negative energies from your surroundings? Colours can help, believes Walaa, the founder of The Colour Recipe. She believes homes have energies and these energies are important for our well-being.
Cleansing your home means that you move the energy in your home, getting rid of negative energy using different visualisations and techniques.
How do you do that? Walaa is hosting a workshop at The Colour Recipe on September 3 where she will teach three different colour techniques to clear your homes of negative energies.
“I founded The Colour Recipe after I discovered how to use colour to overcome my fears and become my true self. Once I realised the profound effect that colour yoga could make in my life, I knew I had to share my discovery with people,” says Walaa.
“I was that girl, the one who numbed her feelings with anything she could get her hands on. But today, I live a life so colourful that anything is possible,” she adds. She says she is on a mission to inspire millions of women to live colourfully abundant.
Just like the energy bodies, the homes can pick up negative energies, static energies and past negative emotions. These energies are usually heavy and love to stay in corners. You know that your home has low vibration energies when you feel heavy and unable to relax at home, says the trainer.
It is important to cleanse these energies regularly so we can thrive, have new energies come in and get rid of what no longer serves us.
“Our skin and eyes absorb light, and the nature of that light affects how we feel on all levels. We are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally transformed by the different energies of light. Colour is very powerful. It is our map to navigate this beautiful world and connect back to nature,” says Walaa.
Transformation begins when you unite the mind, body and soul, having all of them working towards one goal, your abundance. Combining the ancient techniques of yoga with colour therapy will give that extra boost in remembering who you truly are and connecting with your source of love, says the trainer.
“Yoga will clear the blocks you have stored in your body, and colour will give you that incredible boost towards self-understanding and self-love,” says Walaa.
With this collaboration, the inner colours will shine so bright that there will be no room for fear or doubt in the heart.
A home can pick up energies from many things, she explains. For example, the electronics can make the energies at home heavy. Arguments create negative energies that stay if we don’t clear it besides the old items that are never used and clutter.
It is important to clear home energies after a break up or losing/leaving a job or any major negative life event to release these energies from the home.
Releasing stuck energy can also result in moving things in our lives. It will bring more positive feelings to your home and your life. Sleeping is a lot easier and deeper. Conversations flow easier and less arguments happen, you will feel more centred and staying in the moment is much easier and consistent, Walaa explains the benefits of cleansing.
“Cleansing your home is a great message to the universe that you are ready to welcome abundance and love into your life. Negative energy takes space letting it go makes way for new things to come,” says the trainer.
Also burning herbs increases the oxygen supply to the brain, clear away germs from the air and the smell helps with relaxation, she adds.

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