The Bedaya Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Centre), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, has launched an internship programme for university graduates in Qatar.

The internship programme, which will run until October 30, aims to contribute to the preparation of young graduates and their transition to the work environment. It will provide them with the appropriate expertise, skills, and foundation to join local institutions in the future as soon as they graduate.

Practical training will also help students in identifying their career goals, build their self-confidence, learn about the work culture, and apply what they have learned in a real-life process.

Bedaya Centre general manager Reem al-Suwaidi said: “This internship programme offers university graduates access to many local institutions and will help them in building valuable relationships with their future workplaces as well.

Through this programme, the students will have a real simulation of the work environment, opportunities for employment, professional skills, and possible career options. Moreover, this programme will give them the advantage of having awareness of the nature of jobs and consolidate the relevance between school education and work requirements.”

During the first week of the programme, career guidance sessions will be held to raise awareness about professional and career development topics, and will be followed by specialised workshops throughout the second week. On the third week, all graduates will be trained on the English language and computer skills. They will then be assigned certain institutions based on their specialisations.

Ola Abdin, career development manager at Bedaya, said: “The internship programme is an effective business experience that helps graduates develop their knowledge, skills, and experience. They will also be able to develop a clear understanding of the values, norms and standards adopted by institutions and companies in the state of Qatar. The programme allows the graduates to access theoretical concepts and apply their skills in a realistic work environment.

“This will also give them an understanding on how to develop relationships with employees and customers, alike. Hence, it is a temporary experience to get a better understanding about preferred professional fields. The programme will offer graduates the advantage of trying and testing several areas of work, besides helping them gain experience of real and tangible opportunities in every area.”

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