Clinton to propose largest investment programme since 1945
August 11 2016 07:11 PM


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set Thursday to deliver an economic policy speech in which she will propose ‘the largest investment in good-paying jobs’ since World War II.

In a speech in Warren, Michigan, Clinton will also promote cost-free college for middle class Americans, as well as guaranteeing workers' share in the profits they help generate, according to a statement released ahead of the speech.

She will also call for Wall Street, corporations and the wealthy to ‘pay their fair share’ while also calling for reforming outdated laws in order to reflect how families truly operate in the current economy.

Clinton will also offer a critique of Donald Trump's recently unveiled economic plan, which her campaign has called ‘a win for himself and his millionaire and billionaire allies, friends and family,’ and which some analysts have said would balloon the national debt ‘far more than any candidate in history.’  Clinton says her infrastructure investment plan for new bridges, tunnels and airports could create approximately 10.4 million new jobs. Trump has also called for infrastructure investment.

Clinton's positions shifted to the left during her hard-fought primary campaign against self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, and she has promised a minimum wage of 15 dollars per hour for workers.

The 68-year-old former secretary of state has also called for increased investment in renewable energy sources.

Trump offered his economic vision in a speech in Detroit on Monday. He called for a return to traditional energy sources, such as coal, while also promising a reduction in taxes and regulations in order to make it easier for new businesses to get off the ground.

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