The Cultural Village Foundation -- Katara launches its Ramadan programme, which includes a variety of religious, cultural, and charitable events and activities.
There will be daily religious lessons and activities held after the Taraweeh prayers at Katara Mosque, which will also host the 13th edition of the Qur'an Memorisation Competition from March 11- 25 for children born in 2010, 2011, and 2012.
Further, poetry enthusiasts will have an evening dedicated to the World Poetry Day at the Creativity Square between Buildings 15 and 16. This includes the Katara Arabic Poetry Competition for the Mothers of the Believers (Umm Al Mu'minin), focusing on Hafsa bint Umar, aiming to highlight the impact of the Mothers of the Believers in the path of the call for Islam and shaping women's personalities in society.
Besides, Katara launches the annual "We Help and Support" campaign at the start of the holy month, distributing food baskets to meet the needs of the needy families.
As for sports activities, Katara organises the Beach Volleyball Championship from March 12 to 25 at Katara Beach, and Katara Ramadan Chess Championship 2024 from March 14 to 23 in Building 15, in collaboration with the Qatar Chess Association. There will also be a computer game championship, in addition to other traditional games tournaments and Ramadan Nights events from 9pm to 12:30am at Al Hekma Square. On March 31, the amphitheatre will host a religious lecture by Sheikh Dr Othman al-Khamis.
Art lovers can visit the exhibition "Spirit of Arabic Art" by the Iraqi artist Bashar Ali in Building 18, celebrating calligraphy by creatively depicting fruits and plants mentioned in the Holy Qur'an through Arabic calligraphy, using various techniques and materials.
On a daily basis, the public can experience the Katara cannon and the Suhoor drummer before the Maghrib prayers and before Suhoor, aimed at preserving Qatari folk heritage. This event receives significant attention from various segments of society.
As part of its effort to provide artistic content for children, Katara produced the fourth part of the cartoon series "Tamour and Tamoura," scheduled for daily telecast during Ramadan on Qatar TV at 3:45 pm. The cartoon series, in 3D animation, has gained popularity and high viewership of its various parts. It serves as an educational and informative work, incorporating adventure, comedy, and valuable messages, guidance, and advice for children and adolescents in an engaging manner.

Meanwhile, Katara adorns itself with a distinctive Ramadan atmosphere, eagerly awaited by visitors as a unique destination for enjoyable and beneficial activities during the holy month.
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