The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) announced on Sunday the signing of new bilateral cooperation agreement to enhance the safety, security and integrity of football in Saudi Arabia.
The agreement was signed on behalf of the SAFF in the ICSS headquarter in London by SAFF President, Ahmed Eid al-Harbi and on behalf of the ICSS by its President Mohammed Hanzab in presence of a number of officials from both sides.
The signing of this agreement took place on the sidelines of the fourth edition of the Saudi Super Cup in London between Al-Ahli Saudi FC and Al-Hilal Saudi FC.
Through this new partnership the ICSS will work together with SAFF to provide professional services to strengthen existing safety, security and integrity measures currently in place in Saudi Arabian football, as well as utilising the ICSS’s international expertise in this area.
In particular, the ICSS will support SAFF in the fight against match-fixing by helping the federation raise awareness of the problem and spreading knowledge through dedicated workshops covering all aspect of the game.
SAFF and the ICSS will also collaborate to implement several effective measures to eradicate match-fixing such as: Introducing monitoring and vulnerable match alert systems, introducing fast and reliable administrative inquiry and suspicious-match reporting systems, introducing the best model discipline and ethics regulatory and disciplinary measures, contributing to the development of new regulations and the enhancement of disciplinary and ethics hearings and decisions to combat match-fixing.
Speaking of the new agreement, President of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF), Ahmed Eid al-Harbi, SAFF President said: “This agreement with the International Centre for Sport Security represents an important milestone for the SAFF and will play a significant role in enhancing the safety, security and integrity of football across Saudi Arabia under SAFF’s umbrella.
“The ICSS has gathered some of the world’s leading expertise in the field of sport safety, security and integrity and is currently at the forefront of safeguarding sport. On behalf of SAFF, I am excited to have signed this new agreement and look forward to working with ICSS experts to further strengthen and protect the Saudi Arabian football community.”
Mohammed Hanzab, ICSS President, said: “Safety, security and integrity issues continue to impact a variety of major sport events around the world. The need to develop, innovate and challenge the way sport currently confronts these issues has never been greater.
“As a leading football federation in Asia and internationally, I am delighted that SAFF has appointed the ICSS and have shown a strong commitment to enhancing their safety, security and integrity practices.
“Alongside the ICSS’s growing portfolio of global clients and partners, this agreement will hopefully encourage other football federations and sports organisations to strengthen their own safety, security and integrity efforts. Our international experts at the ICSS stand ready to support and share their knowledge and experience, as well as providing a vital contribution to protect sport from the many threats it now faces.”

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