Smartphones top gift list, sales surge
July 10 2016 09:38 PM
Customers line up for smartphones, which saw an increase in sales during Eid al-Fitr.
Customers line up for smartphones, which saw an increase in sales during Eid al-Fitr.


Smartphones, which saw a 10% increase in sales in the past week, have outsold other popular gift items during Eid al-Fitr, it is learnt.

In the run-up to Eid, stores and major hypermarkets offered different promotions and discounts to lure shoppers, many of whom were vacation-bound and were looking for gifts at bargain prices.
Abdul Manaf K P, deputy general manager of LuLu Hypermarket on D-Ring Road, said Eid “is a season for gift giving,” and products like smartphones, apparel, confectionery and toys top most shoppers’ list.
Compared to 2015, sales of smartphones rose 10% this year, Manaf told Gulf Times.
“Many expatriates made the most of the discounts and promos for smartphones and other electronic gadgets, which make suitable gifts, especially for those who left Qatar for their annual vacation,” he said.
Manaf added that children’s toys were also popular gift items among shoppers, as well as men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.
But smartphone sales witnessed the highest growth, especially on the first day of Eid, according to a salesperson of a leading brand.
The salesperson said she sold more than 50 smartphones by a leading Chinese manufacturer on the first day of Eid compared to only 15 units of the same brand during regular days.
“Sales of smartphones usually tail off in the succeeding days but it is usually during the first day of Eid that we experience a surge in sales not only because it is a popular occasion but many people think that rock-bottom discounts are offered during that day,” she explained.
She also said sales of a leading South Korean smartphone brand soared on Eid al-Fitr after it offered a QR700 discount for one of its high-end models. On the first day of Eid, the brand sold more than 120 units of different models.
A merchandiser for laptops said he was able to sell 25 units of a single brand on the first day of Eid. Across all brands, the store was able to sell as many as 120 laptops on the same day.
Since July 6, more than 300 tablets from a leading South Korean brand have been sold, another merchandiser said. While demand was high this year, he noted, however, that sales of tablets slumped 20% compared to 2015 due to low stocks of other models.
“During last year’s Eid, I was able to sell at least 40 tablets a day. We had four high-end models and four other low-end models available to customers during that time. But this year, only the high-end models have stocks, which is why sales are less impressive,” he explained.

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