The traditional concept of cash gift for Eid (Eidiah), which has evolved throughout years within the local society, is a favourite among the new generation of children who also prefer a new banknote over any other gift. A number of Qatari men told local Arabic daily 'Arrayah' that with the change of lifestyle and high living standards, the concept of cash gifts changed considerably especially for adults rather than children and minors.

The Eidiah can range from QR10 to QR500 depending on the degree of relation and their closeness to each other. Wives and sisters are often given gold and jewellery gifts, watches, branded incense and perfumes, and male adult relatives and friends are also gifted luxury watches and accessories.

Engineer Mohamed al-Kuwari stressed that giving children banknotes as Eid gift is highly welcomed by them during Eid than other gifts because it gives them the option to go out and buy what they prefer.

Mohamed al-Obaidly stressed that Eid cash gifts should be given in moderation and the total sum for any children should not exceed QR500, as the main purpose of it is to show love and affection rather than the monetary value itself. He said that this is a good social practice during this occasion but it should not be indulged to cause financial burden just for bragging or show.

Abdulla al-Kaabi noted that children still prefer to collect as many banknotes as possible from their adult family members and relatives over other gifts during Eid as this gives them some sense of early financial independence.
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