The Chinese Food Culture Festival at Dragon Mart will continue offering a variety of authentic Chinese cuisine, as well as staging of cultural performances to entertain visitors until July 9.

Yang Qi, logistics manager at Dragon Mart, said Chinese chefs who work in some of the restaurants in Doha prepare the food, drinks and snacks at stalls in the mall, located on the Barwa Commercial Avenue.
“Visitors can try assorted Chinese dumplings (of different types) and noodles served with tea, these are two of the popular and favourite snacks of many residents in Qatar,” he added.
The 10-day festival, which started on June 30, also features a live presentation on how Chinese dishes and snacks are prepared.
Stalls will open at 3pm starting today to welcome residents who will be spending their Eid al-Fitr holidays in the country.
The festival is also promoting the Qatar-China Year of Culture at the Chinese mall by showcasing signature Chinese dishes to Qataris and the expatriate communities.
In March, residents and foreign tourists also enjoyed authentic Chinese dishes, served side-by-side with Qatari food, at a dedicated pavilion during the annual Qatar International Food Festival 2016.
The Year of Culture, a cultural exchange programme initiated by Qatar Museums, aims to convey Qatar to an international audience by organising various exhibitions, festivals, and competitions, among others, to connect cultures and promote mutual understanding.
Organisers of the Chinese Food Culture Festival have also invited celebrity chefs from some well-known Chinese restaurants in the Gulf, including Shanghai Garden, Royal Bafilyon, Beijing House and Guangzhou Barbecue.
Part of the event is the tea ceremony, which had been performed previously in some of the events organised by Dragon Mart.
A distinguished service award will also be given to a restaurant for providing the quality service to visitors.
Besides traditional Chinese performances and cultural exhibits, Yang said some activities at the festival such as the free face painting has been a big hit with children.
Visitors also had the chance to try Chinese calligraphy, which is widely practised in mainland China.
Yang stressed that these kind of activities aim to promote and raise public awareness about Chinese culture, history, and tradition.
He hopes to hold similar festivals and events at Dragon Mart to entertain and serve the growing population in Qatar.

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