Qatar University College of Law (LAWC) hosted a roundtable to discuss the establishment of a legal clinic “TradeLab” at the college in Fall 2016.
The event brought together 15 experts from local and international institutions such as QU, Fikra Research & Policy, Georgetown University SFS Qatar, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies-Geneva, and University of Arizona. It was followed by a workshop at Georgetown SFS with speakers including LAWC dean Dr Mohamed al-Khulaifi and director of the Office of the State of Qatar to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Sheikh Ali al-Thani.
TradeLab will provide LAWC undergraduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences on legal projects submitted by clients from private and government organisations. Students will also benefit from working with practising lawyers on solving legal problems for clients.
LAWC assistant professor Dr Talal al-Emadi said: “This underlines the college’s ongoing efforts to engage its students in learning-by-doing activities beyond the classroom that prepare them for employment as legal professionals. This will enable them to make significant contributions to the labour market and to the country’s growth, in line with the Human Development Pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030.”
LAWC assistant professor Dr Jon Truby said: “By establishing the legal clinic, LAWC is demonstrating its position as a leading partner in contributing to sustainable solutions to legal questions that impact the society. The College is committed to creating the leaders of tomorrow who will help to advance Qatar’s legal sector.”
TradeLab is the result of an NPRP-funded research project implemented in 2014 that was designed to introduce stakeholders to global trade and investment rules while combining academic research with novelties in internet technology and legal education.