Doha court reviewing fraud case
December 22 2015 08:57 PM



A Doha Misdemeanour Court has been reviewing a case of fraud, where the defendants are accused of grabbing the money of others on the pretext of investing on their behalf, local Arabic daily Arrayah reported yesterday.

The main defendant, a Syrian expatriate man, is accused of deceiving others with the help of five other expatriate defendants; two Filipinos, an Egyptian man, a Lebanese man and another Syrian man. All of them used to work as salesmen at major shopping outlets.

Earlier, Al Sadd police station received a complaint filed by 24 expatriates from different nationalities accusing the Lebanese and the Egyptian defendants of tricking them and grabbing their money claiming that they would invest it for them and give a hefty return on a monthly basis.

The petitioners also told the police that more than 200 others had the same complaints and they would come and file it. Accordingly, legal procedures were taken and the two accused were called for the interrogation, where they denied the fraud charges. They claimed that they were collecting the money and delivering to the main Syrian defendant to invest it, but knew nothing about his fraudulent activities.

The security authorities took hold of the main defendant and seized his laptop to check the information related to such process. The case is still being reviewed by the court, the daily added.

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