By Joseph Varghese

Staff Reporter

Many parents of children studying at Ideal Indian School are upset over the proposed change in the students’ uniform, while the school officials have defended the decision as a move for the better.

The school, in a circular last week,  said that the present uniform will be changed and an alternative one will be introduced from the next academic year starting April 2015. It also said that the prices will be announced through the website well in advance and the clothes will be supplied from the school campus.

School Principal Syed Shoukath Ali said that the decision was taken based on several reasons. He said: “The present uniform gets confused with the uniforms of several other schools as blue is a common colour in many schools in Doha. Moreover, students are misusing the present uniform as many of them wear blue jeans which are common in the market. This upsets the school’s code of conduct and discipline.”

He said the school plans to go back to the old uniform that was used for almost 25 years. “The old uniform has its own distinctiveness. So we prefer to reintroduce the same which will give the students less opportunity to break the uniform rules. Moreover, we will provide better quality uniforms at lesser price or at the same price.”

Ali also noted that the uniform will be supplied at the school from the next academic year. “Many parents had complained that the uniform store is far away and they have been facing many difficulties such as parking. This problem can be sorted out by this move. Moreover, we are changing the uniform only from the next academic year as parents buy them at the beginning of the academic year.”

However, parents are not willing to buy these explanations as they say that the school is looking for extra profit, making life difficult for them. They also feel that the school had not planned well in implementing the design of the uniform.

One of the parents remarked that the school authorities are not concerned with the parents. “I just bought two sets of uniform and blazers for my sons in Classes 9 and 11. Now in another 6 months I will have to get minimum two sets each for my wards. They should at least have informed us when they closed the school for summer vacation. With the cost of living going up day by day our life is becoming more miserable.”

Another parent noted: “The present uniform was implemented just four years ago. What is the need for changing it so suddenly? It shows that they have not done any proper study about it. This is all done according to the whims and fancies of some people. After all, they are just looking to make more profit at the expense of the parents.”



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