To realise the aspiration of the largest expatriate community in Qatar of having its own embassy building, the Indian mission is all set to start the construction process of its chancery within a few months, disclosed the ambassador.

In an exclusive interview with Gulf Times, Indian ambassador, Vipul said the Qatar government has allotted approximately 5,000sq m of land for the chancery project.

“In February this year, we floated the expression of interest for participating in the project," the envoy said while explaining that more than 10 companies have taken part in the initial bidding process.

“Right now, all these bids by the companies are being evaluated and analysed by the Ministry of External Affairs in India. Once the evaluation is completed, the final list of companies for the construction of the building will be ready. Thereafter, the final tender or bids will be invited from the selected companies,” noted the ambassador.

“Once these companies submit the final bids with the design and the cost of the construction, we will choose and approve one and start the construction of the building. We hope that the whole process will be completed in the next few months and the construction will start very soon,” he continued.

According to the envoy, the project will get started fairly soon in about a few months and will be completed well on time if everything goes well.

“This is one of the major priorities for the community and I hope to see it completed well on time. I don't know what will be the timeline that the selected company will need to complete the project, but it will be our efforts to complete the project fully or substantially during my tenure,” he pointed out.

Vipul also said that currently, the Indian population in Qatar is slightly in excess of 800,000 and the new embassy building will facilitate many of the needs of the growing community in the country.

“The plot allotted for the chancery is approximately 5,000sqm. We have to follow the local rules and regulations for the built-up area and accordingly the final area of the chancery will be decided,” added, ambassador Vipul.
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