The body of an Asian man has been recovered from a water tank at a residential complex in Wakrah on Thursday.

It is believed that the man had drowned after he climbed down the reservoir to do some maintenance work.

A source said the victim was the complex’s janitor (nathur)  and he was around 60 years old.

The body was found after the residents complained of foul smell coming out of the water, according to a source.

It is feared that the body had been  in the reservoir for at least two days.

“He used a ladder to climb down the tank but it apparently broke down, trapping him inside,” the source said.

A plumber who was summoned to look into the problem was the first to find the body. There have been no reports of anyone falling sick due to the tainted water and it is learnt that occupants of  only a few flats were affected as the building has several tanks.

The deceased must have entered the tank through a hatch at the top, the only opening for a person to enter, and once inside, it would have been difficult for him to climb out because of the broken ladder, the source added.


Two brothers die in car crash

Two brothers were killed and another youth was severely injured when their car collided with a truck in the Rawdat Rashid area, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported.  The deceased were identified as Ghanim and Hamad al-Jiaidi.  Youths performing car stunts are a common sight in the Rawdat Rashid area, particularly in the early hours of the day, according to the newspaper.


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