The State of Qatar participated in the 10th World Water Forum, which is addressing issues related to financing, climate change, and renewable energy. The forum's activities will continue until May 25 in the Republic of Indonesia.

HE President of Kahramaa, Eng. Essa bin Hilal Al Kuwari, headed Qatar's official delegation participating in the forum.

His Excellency delivered the State of Qatar's speech at the opening session, "As we meet here today, we stress our shared responsibility to ensure access to clean and safe water for all, regardless of geography, economic status or political affiliation; In accordance with our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 6, "to ensure a sustainable and effective supply of clean water and sanitation for all by the year 2030."

He added, "Qatar is also committed to conserve water. We have adopted sustainable practices and launched ambitious initiatives to increase water efficiency, promote water conservation, and protect our precious water resources for future generations. We have also invested in high-tech desalination technologies, smart water systems, wastewater treatment facilities and water recycling initiatives to meet the growing demand for water in a rapidly changing world. We have also implemented an integrated water management plan, supported by a strong water security policy, a national water strategy, and regulations to ensure sustainable use and distribution of water resources across different sectors."

The Forum, entitled "Water for Shared Prosperity", is attended by a number of leaders, presidents and eminent personalities to discuss topics such as funding, climate change, and renewable energy. The forum aims to reaffirm everyone's commitment to the water sector and to formulate concrete actions on inclusive and sustainable water management.
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