Nokia Siemens Networks has built the complete LTE (long-term evolution) radio and core network for Ooredoo’s 4G mobile broadband services.

Waleed al-Sayed, chief operating officer at Ooredoo, said: “With the support of our long-standing partner, Nokia Siemens Networks, our LTE network delivers truly satisfying superfast 4G services for bandwidth-hungry customers in today’s data-dominated world.”

Ooredoo’s 4G mobile broadband services offer data speed three to six times faster than 3G for its customers in Doha.

Qais Esrawee, head of sub-region at Nokia Siemens Networks, said: “Our radio network platform saves not only energy and space with its compact nature, but also capital costs for Ooredoo, as our radio access network is future-proof and runs 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) services concurrently on the same platform.”

Nokia Siemens Networks - as the sole supplier - has provided its Single RAN (radio access network) based on its award-winning, energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station. In addition, the company has provided its Evolved Packet Core platform, including Flexi NS (network server), Flexi NG (network gateway) and Liquid Core-based SGSN (serving GPRS support node).

Nokia Siemens Networks’ voice call solution, Circuit Switched FallBack, has enabled Ooredoo’s 4G customers to make voice calls using either the operator’s GSM or 3G network while enjoying text messaging and data services through the LTE network. At a later stage, Voice over LTE will be introduced, allowing Ooredoo’s 4G customers to make voice calls without having to fall back on GSM or 3G networks.

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