Indonesia is one step closer to reshaping its technological landscape and cementing a place at the forefront of the global artificial intelligence (AI) revolution with a historic collaboration between one of the country’s leading telecommunications companies and technology giant Nvidia.

Setting the stage for a new era of innovation and digitalisation, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison group, represented by CEO and president director Vikram Sinha, had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nvidia senior vice-president of Telecom Ronnie Vasishta at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

Following the signing, Sinha said the collaboration marked a pivotal moment in Indonesia’s journey toward becoming a global AI-powered digital nation.

“As a technology powerhouse, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison aspires to become one of the main drivers of democratising digitalisation in the nation. It tallies with our long-term commitment to connecting and empowering every Indonesian, and this collaboration with Nvidia will play a crucial role in helping achieve that vision,” he explained, adding that the technology would be implemented by data centres operated by BDx Indonesia, a joint venture of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, its subsidiary Lintasarta, and BDx Data Centre.

With the historic collaboration, Indosat and Lintasarta become the first Nvidia Cloud Provider Partners, bringing Nvidia’s full-stack AI platform to enterprises across the region and offer access to Nvidia's cutting-edge graphics processing unit (GPU) technologies with high-density data centres, which are connected public internet at up to 400 gigabits per second (Gbps).

Vasishta noted that Lintasarta was expanding its role in Indonesia to provide critical sovereign AI infrastructure.

“As part of the collaboration, Lintasarta will become an Nvidia cloud partner, offering scalable and performant AI cloud services following Nvidia reference architectures to help propel Indonesia to the forefront of the global AI cloud community.”

Meanwhile, Lintasarta CEO Bayu Hanantasena expressed his excitement at welcoming the collaboration with Nvidia, saying the MoU marked the company’s commitment to propelling Indonesia to the forefront of the global AI Cloud community.

“This collaboration will empower the nation with cutting-edge AI technologies and cloud services, driving economic growth, job creation and technological innovation. Furthermore, by combining our expertise with Nvidia’s strength, we are poised to revolutionise Indonesia’s digital landscape, fostering innovation and creating a sustainable digital future through high-end technology implementation in the data centre sector.”

At a later stage, Indosat and Lintasarta’s Nvidia-powered AI Cloud services will develop a new generation of sustainable, hyper-connected AI-ready data centres.

Lintasarta’s GPU-as-a-Service (Deka GPU) provides customers access to the latest and most powerful AI/machine learning capabilities specifically tailored for high-demand computing tasks, including infrastructure, platform and bare metal services.

This in turn ensures reliable and seamless supercomputing cloud services and leverages AI to power innovations for its users.

With AI supercomputers now becoming critical infrastructure, Indosat and Nvidia’s collaboration will establish the foundation to empower Indonesia to become an AI nation as the group will leverage its data centres to enable a sovereign AI platform for driving innovation across the ecosystem, driving Indonesia’s digital economic growth and creating a robust foundation for a thriving digital sector.

Governments, enterprises, and start-ups will gain access to a state-of-the-art AI cloud platform, including infrastructure, tools and software. This will catalyse innovation and increase productivity, optimising processes and driving down operational efficiencies across industries.

Through this collaboration, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison group positions itself as the nucleus of a comprehensive digital ecosystem, covering channels, connectivity, data centres and payment systems, thus driving the nation’s digital evolution and helping enable Indonesia to leverage state-of-the-art technologies in its digital transformation journey.
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