The Doha Theater Group held Tuesday the opening ceremony of its new headquarters in the Gharrafat Al-Rayyan area (Education City), on the third day of Eid al-Adha in the presence of an elite group of artists, media professionals and theatre lovers. Artist Ibrahim Mohamad al-Emadi, chairman of the Board of Directors of the troupe, confirmed that the opening of the new headquarters comes within the framework of the group’s continuous development efforts to provide its utmost in serving the theatrical movement in Doha.

He revealed in a statement that the band intends to establish its own theatre and launch a special hall for lectures and rehearsals.

Pointing out that the troupe has a group of texts that have been approved, as “Doha Theater Group” is vigourously preparing for the new season. He stressed: “The new headquarters is distinguished by its large spaces, which enable us to exploit these spaces in developing our theatrical activities. A special cultural library for the band was established, and the building also has a large outdoor courtyard to be a suitable place for theatrical activities in moderate weather. The group's administrative offices have also been expanded.”

Regarding the group's future plans and strategy, al-Emadi said: “In the coming period, we intend to establish a special stage for the troupe on which we will present our performances to the public. It will also be a suitable place for training and theatrical rehearsals, in addition to building a lecture hall, as part of the troupe’s endeavours to provide a group of workshops and training, to qualify and discover theatrical talents.”

On theatrical productions for the new season, al-Emadi added: “We currently have four texts that have been approved by the regulatory authorities, but we are awaiting the completion of renovation work of the Qatar National Theatre, as the arena suffers from the lack of a stage to present theatrical performances to the public. On the other hand, the troupe is working in full swing to prepare for the new theatrical season, to continue the success in the last edition of the Doha Theatre Festival.”
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