The Qatar Tourism Awards 2024, a unique initiative that highlights and celebrates outstanding contributions to the country’s flourishing tourism sector, kicked off Sunday.

Launched in 2023 in partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the awards honours businesses and individuals in Qatar’s tourism and hospitality sectors for their exceptional service.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (June 9), QT’s Tourism Development Sector acting chief Omar al-Jaber said: “I would like to take this opportunity to invite all companies, individuals, entrepreneurs in the sector, tourist attractions owners, workers, influencers in the tourism sector and every entity that promotes tourism in Qatar, whether directed to local or international audience, to apply for these awards.

The second edition of the awards aims to highlight Qatar’s commitment to sustainable development. QT intends to celebrate the country’s rich cultural heritage and foster collaboration between the public and private sectors to enhance tourism offerings.

“We encourage the spirit of innovation, excellence and healthy competition which ultimately leads to elevating the quality of tourism services and experiences across the tourism industry,” al-Jaber said, noting that the deadline for the submission of applications is until August 8.

According to QT, the awards feature seven main categories: Service Excellence, Gastronomic Experiences, Iconic Attractions and Activities, World-Class Events, Digital Footprint, Smart and Sustainable Tourism, and Community Leadership.

Speaking at the event, UN Tourism’s Technical Co-operation and Silk Road director Jaime I. Mayaki said: “This unique programme is designed to identify and celebrate excellent performance in different fields within this vibrant and dynamic nation. This prestigious initiative rapidly evolving into a major brand in its own right, is emblematic of Qatar’s unwavering dedication to nurturing a culture committed to excellence and innovation”.

He said QT and UN Tourism introduced an array of new categories and sub-categories in the 2024 awards programme to improve stakeholder engagement and incorporate the valuable insights gained during the inaugural edition in 2023.

Mayaki added that these new classifications recognise and celebrate the innovative strategies and exceptional contributions shaping Qatar's tourism landscape. From world-class events and government-to-government collaborations to community leadership, he noted that these initiatives drive the sector’s future growth.

He pointed out that such expansion underscores Qatar’s commitment to acknowledging the diverse and dynamic efforts that fuel tourism success.

“By celebrating these accomplishments, we hope to inspire ongoing extents and innovations within the sector,” Mayaki said.

He also announced the launch of the Qatar Tourism Awards Alumni Network, a vibrant community of past winners dedicated to advancing the country's tourism landscape.

Mayaki said this network brings together industry leaders and visionaries, united by a shared commitment to excellence and a desire to foster collaboration. It will provide a platform for members to reflect on their successes and share their expertise, establish valuable connections for future business opportunities, and contribute to the broader objective of the awards.

“Additionally, it (Alumni Network) will serve as a platform for ongoing mentorship, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among the awardees. So this initiative will not only enhance the sense of community within the awards but also provide a valuable resource for continues learning and development in the country’s tourism sector,” he said.


Qatar Tourism Awards is open to all tourism businesses and individuals in the tourism sector. The applicants need to answer five questions and add supporting documents. For a comprehensive entry guideline, please visit, or call the dedicated hotline (106) or email [email protected].

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