Qatar is rapidly emerging as a significant player in promoting and selling electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles in the Middle East, a senior official of a prominent auto brand told Gulf Times.

Qatar’s strategic moves and proactive approach as a key factor in its burgeoning EV market were highlighted by Porsche Centre Doha brand manager Ahed Dawood on the sidelines of the recent unveiling of the latest edition of Porsche’s Panamera luxury sports saloon.

“The region has got commercial potential due to (its) population but... Qatar, represented by Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), was very smart to realise the potential for investment in such portfolio, and that’s why they added the Volkswagen Group and Porsche to their investment since 2009 because they saw that potential of growth from that sense,” he pointed out.

Dawood noted that such foresight positioned Qatar as a leader in regional investments, especially in brands capable of driving the electrification process globally.

Beyond its investment strategy, Dawood said Qatar is actively preparing for the influx of EVs through rapid infrastructure development. Quoting officials of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa), he said the country boasts as one of the fastest-growing electric charging station infrastructure in the world in 2023.

“People's main concern is charging, but that's not a big challenge in Qatar. You can drive 100 to 150 km a day, and with a full charge offering a range of 500 to 600km, you won't need to charge outside very often.

“This reduces charging anxiety, and with charging stations available throughout the city, people will feel more comfortable driving electric cars,” he said.

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development and promoting clean technology, Kahramaa installed a high-speed EV charging station at the Shura Council headquarters in May.

The station, capable of delivering 150 kilowatts of power, can simultaneously charge two EVs in under 15 minutes. This initiative aligns with Qatar's goal of reducing its carbon footprint by encouraging the adoption of green vehicles.

Dawood reiterated Qatar’s readiness for electric and hybrid vehicles, attracting not just investors but also a large number of visitors from across the GCC region.

He said the Qatar Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) next year will showcase the latest advancements in the automotive scene, further solidifying Qatar’s position as a hub for innovation and technology.

“Qatar’s investment as well in GIMS will attract visitors from the region to come and learn about the latest trends in the automotive industry, especially in innovation,” Dawood added.
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