The Qatar Press Center (QPC) has concluded the “TV Preparation and Presentation” course, in co-operation with the Media Development Department at the Qatar Media Corporation (QMC).

The course was held over two weeks with the participation of a number of programme specialists and presenters on Qatar TV, Al Kass Channel, TV 37, and Qatar Radio.

The participants received certificates of the course programme.

The participants took the theoretical seminars at the QPC, and practical training at the Qatar TV headquarters.

They were trained on how to present news bulletins, prepare TV programmes, and the necessary practical techniques.

Dr Ahmed Abdelmalek presented the latest artistic and linguistic practices and modern technologies during the course, and conveyed to trainees part of his extensive experience in this field.

The course focused on how to prepare a successful journalist and a distinguished broadcaster by paying attention to the necessary requirements for success on both the personal and professional levels.

In addition, the course covered how to provide good content and formulate media content to reach the audience according to journalistic standards.
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