Geekend 2024, is set to take place from June 6-8 at the Geekdom building at Lusail Boulevard, featuring a lineup of activities, markets, and shows designed to delight participants of all ages and interests.

Described as the ultimate destination for anyone looking to unleash their “inner geek,” the Doha Film Institute said the festivities this year offer a world of creativity and enthusiasm.

The Geekend Market will be a bustling activity hub, featuring various stage programmes and activities. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with local creatives and participate in games.

The Geekend Market is a prime venue for aspiring artists and vendors to showcase bespoke art and unique collectibles.

Organisers noted that attendees can unwind in the Geekend Lounge, challenge their minds in the Nakama Classroom, or roll the dice in epic RPG campaigns.

The Nakama Classroom, also known as the Adventure Room, invites participants to navigate a labyrinth of puzzles and games. This thrilling experience tests skills and teamwork as participants strive to conquer each challenge and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

The Boardgame area, operated by Majlis Shabab and GAG, showcases a diverse range of games suitable for all ages and skill levels – a place to challenge friends or family and discover new gaming favourites.

The Qatar Tabletop RPG Community will host sessions.

Participants can embark on quests and tackle adventures. Additionally, the Majlis Shabab Tournament will feature a Catan showdown, where 16 players compete over two days.

The Geekend stage will be alive with events. From Karaoke Nights to Nakama’s activities and the Open Gaming Challenge, organisers said there is something to delight every type of geek. Local game developers will gather to showcase their creations and compete in gaming challenges.

Mission Possible, a pulse-pounding challenge akin to an escape room, awaits those looking to solve riddles and puzzles under a time limit. It is a race against the clock for fun and glory.

Attendees can also visit the Geekend Café. The Geekdom building also hosted Geekdom 3000 in February, featuring an extensive programme lineup including gaming tournaments, screenings, live concerts, and escape rooms. This event highlighted the growing popularity of Geekend and its role in empowering Qatar’s creative community.
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