The Qatar University (QU) Ilea students’ club holds a four day exhibition of models about the aggression against Gaza under the title Badr Gaza. It is organised in several sections starting with a model of the Rafah crossing, then a corridor resembling the tunnels used by the resistance.

A section for the photos of the scientists who were assassinated by the Zionist entity, such as Abdullah Barghouti, Yahya Ayyash, Bassam Jarrar, and Mohamad -Zouwari, who invented the drone used by the resistance factions. As well as pictures and models of aid that accidentally crashed on Palestinians who were rushing to get food.

A model of the Merkava tank which was blown by the resistance fighters with a homemade explosive device. In the next section we find a model of a bombed minaret that fell on a praying man who was martyred under the rubble.

One of the frightening models is of a UNRWA school that was turned into a shelter for children and families. It was targeted by an unexploded missile, which became a toy for the children, with the risk of it exploding at any moment.

Another section with models and pictures highlighted the targeting of journalists and activists on social media. Next to it models and images of the boycotted companies and products whose profits go to finance terrorism carried out by the Zionist entity, and the available alternatives.

A section for the model of the martyr Sheikh Yassin and his wheelchair in which he was assassinated. To lead to models of the missiles developed by the resistance factions, from simple equipment to missiles with a range of 250 kilometers.

Each section was presented to Gulf Times by students from Ilea club. Among whom Jazia al-Asmar, vice president of Ilea club, who said about the exhibition: “It is a silent story narrated by pictures and models made by the hands of male and female students to narrate the events that began from ancient times to take us beyond the present. The Greater Badr (the battle of Badr, March 13th, 624 CE) was the beginning of the glorious Muslim conquests led by our beloved, guiding Prophet. Muhammad (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him), preceded by fourteen years of religious and military preparation that ended with an overwhelming victory. Followed by a series of victories achieved by Islam and Muslims. Though, it began to disintegrate until recent times. Nonetheless now, after the October 7th, our heroes have returned to announce the beginning of the end. A new full moon has risen in Gaza over the Muslims with a call to mobilize towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque to return to the protection of the Muslims, liberated and purified from the filth of the usurpers.” Al-Asmar said.

The exhibition is open for women on May 26 and May 29; for men on May 27-28, from 1-7 pm at the students’ Affairs building, main exhibition hall, ground floor, building A11.
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