Thailand is seeking Qatari investments on renewable energy in its Eastern Economic Corridor as part of the Bangkok Goals on Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy, Thai ambassador Sira Swangsilpa has said.
He said the Embassy of Thailand is in constant talks with various organisations in the country, such as Qatar Chamber, which is exploring investments in renewable energy in Thailand.

The ambassador explained that leaders in the 21 Apec member economies endorsed the BCG model during the Apec Summit, which Thailand hosted in November 2022.

According to the website of the National Science and Technology Development Agency in Thailand, “The BCG was declared Thailand’s national agenda in 2021. It represents a key strategy to drive sustainable development and foster post-pandemic recovery, ensuring a balance between social, environmental, and economic objectives.

“As the host of Apec 2022, Thailand set the BCG model as the overarching thinking behind the themes and priorities of a year-long event to promote sustainability and post-pandemic development.”
Aside from renewable energy, Swangsilpa said Thailand is also keen on supporting Qatar Tourism’s goal of attracting 6mn tourists to Qatar by 2030 through various collaboration and partnership initiatives.

“The embassy has many projects with Qatar Tourism to promote tourism between Thailand and Qatar,” the ambassador told Gulf Times.

He said, “While Thailand and Qatar can collaborate in energy or food security, one important area for partnership with Qatar is Thailand’s medical treatment industry. Many Qataris visit Thailand for medical treatment each year. From 20,000 in previous years, there are about 40,000 Qataris who travel to Thailand annually.”

Swangsilpa also said the value of trade between Qatar and Thailand stands at about $4bn per year.